And so it begins

21 06 2009

Hey folks, this is where Miss P. and I will be blogging about our experiences in China the coming year. At this point, we haven’t come up with an ‘original and fun’ name for the blog, so until that happens (say, when we decide what city we’re moving to) I will just post under the Missy and Jeremiah’s China Adventure title. Once we have the city figured out, maybe there will be opportunities for clever city-related blog names. Xi’an Loves You, Yeah Yeah Yeah? Sitting On The Dock of the Beijing? Perfect Tianjin? Only time will tell.

Anyway, here is where we are in the trip: We’re finishing up tying up some loose ends here in the states (i.e., getting rid of my car, taking care of Missy’s medical bills, eating at restaurants that we always talked about eating at, but never did), and we will both be leaving our current places of employment at the end of July. After packing up and saying tearful goodbyes to all our friends and the couple of hangers-on who try to shine brighter in our afterglow, we’ll be headed first to New Mexico to visit with my family and possibly soak in the hot tub, then on to Texas to see Missy’s parents and sister as well as getting our Visas, which should be a relatively quick process (fingers crossed). Then we fly out for Shanghai on Aug. 18. Lots left still to do, but we’re at that exciting stage where the move is really going to happen.

As for this blog, I’m planning lots of fun little tidbits that should be interesting to read. In addition to posting a lot of photos, we’ll probably try to post some stuff on here that is illuminating for those of you who don’t know a ton about China. I’m going to make an effort to explain pronunciation, which is often wrong in the Westernization of Chinese place names – i.e. Shanghai is pronounced SHONG-HI, not SHAYNG-HI. We’ll also try and focus a lot on how things are different out here, as well as how the whole teaching thing is going. Anyway, until the move, you’ll get to hear a lot about the getting ready process, so enjoy.

— Jeremiah




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