That’s right, the blog has a new name

9 07 2009

Exciting, huh?

So as an update, we have both been offered jobs in Nanjing. Missy’s offer comes from the Nanjing Health School, where she will be teaching 16-20-year-old Chinese nursing students how to be FABULOUS! I’ve received an offer from Nanjing Foreign Language School. We received pictures of our apartment – through the Nanjing Health School – and I will have a dorm that I can let you guys stay in when you come visit.

Here are a couple pictures we received of the apartment. Let’s hope they are of the actual residence.



Yes, it has a western toilet. But no stove. We’ll make do.

Both schools are reasonably close to downtown, so far as we can decipher. Neither job pays exceptionally well, but China is cheap, so we should be just fine. We both start teaching on Sept. 1. Anyway, that’s it for today.




6 responses

10 07 2009

You forgot to mention that there’s a balcony! The natives will point and laugh at our enormous underwear drying on the line.

10 07 2009

Why does it look like there’s a huge swimming pool outside the bathroom window?

10 07 2009

That is a question that will be answered when we get there, hopefully.

11 07 2009

I’m excited for you!! Jeremiah, is your position close to where you will live?

13 07 2009

We’re still waiting for the exact location of the apartment, actually, but according to the school, it’s “very close.” – fingers crossed.

3 08 2009

it looks like from this angle like one of those showers that isn’t really a shower, but basically a shower head and a drain in the floor in the middle of the bathroom. no shower curtain, etc. oooorrr maybe the shower is off to the left, out of the shot! 🙂

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