Houston, we have a problem

8 08 2009

Well, actually we don’t have a problem, but we are in Houston. So we left Tucson on Monday morning after lots of packing and cleaning and assistance from a fine group of friends. After having some problems with the Aztek (pulling a weighed-down trailer, mind you) overheating, we slowed down the pace of the trip and eventually made it to Las Cruces, where we dropped off Hercules (my one-year-old cat) at my friends’ Chris and Lizzie’s. We hung out with them for a while, and Hercules seemed reasonably comfortable – in an angry kind of way, but nonetheless – so we drove the last hour to my parents’, arriving around midnight.

We spent basically two days visiting my parents. My sister’s husband Danny did a pretty thorough job of flushing out the Aztek’s radiator, which was nice of him, and we had the usual dinner and hangout time. On the second night, we met my sister and her family for dinner at the golf course, then went to a house where my dad’s blues band was jamming, which was fun. Lots of strange hippies there. I’m not talking about you, mom. We left Thursday morning at 6 am, and I’m glad we did, because …

The drive took about 18 hours. That’s a long time sitting in a car. For all of us, Tallulah (Missy’s dog) included. I swear, the drive from El Paso to San Antonio is the longest stretch of nothing road in the United States. Is there a worse one? Denver to Salt Lake City, maybe? Anyway, we made it, pulling into Houston and Missy’s mom’s house at about midnight.

Friday was spent unloading the trailer, which we were both glad to get out of our lives, then dropping off our applications for visas. They told us they’d be ready by Wednesday. Afterward, we went to a zydeco place for burgers and did a bit of dancing. While we were hanging out there, we found out that there was a soccer friendly match between El Salvador and Colombia starting in a couple hours at the University of Houston, so we went and watched the game, which was lots of fun. I’ll try and add a couple photos from that, time permitting. Today we’ll hopefully spend a relaxing day hanging out then go to watch a music festival at a park in downtown Houston. Then Sunday it is on to Dallas/Ft. Worth to see Missy’s dad & stepmom. Talk to you soon!





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8 08 2009
Night Ranger

You have an Aztek?

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