And … we made it

20 08 2009

So after our one day setback described previously as well as our 18-hour flight(s) today, we’re pleased to announce we made it to Shanghai. Right now we’re operating on a pretty stunningly mediocre internet connection, so let me know if you get this post. Also, apologies in advance for spelling/grammar mistakes as I can’t go through and edit it on page.
Anyway, so here’s how our day went:
We got up at 5 to get ready for our second trip to the airport, which went mercifully uneventfully. Our trip through customs was short, and the plain, a small one, showed up on time. The flight to Toronto was also pretty quick. We’re both impressed with Air Canada’s service. Everyone was really great to deal with, plus they have in-flight movies for even the shorter flights. How can you beat that? For my part, I watched an Iron Maiden documentary, which was surprisingly awesome.
Our layover in Toronto was brief. Once again, customs was basically non-existent, so we had time to eat some lunch. The plane was relatively empty, which was nice, especially considering that we had two bags that were way too large for carry-on, which might have been trouble if the plane had been full. The second "half" of the flight was about 14 hours. It was boring, as flights of that length are, but all in all it wasn’t too bad. We also got to look out the window and see some cool Arctic scenery, which was nice. Don’t worry: We waved to Sarah Palin for you.
The plane reached Shanghai around 3. And Shanghai was really gloomy…and rainy. It might be gloomy all the time, though – I guess we’ll find out tomorrow if it clears up. When we first disembarked, a row of Chinese men in white lab coats and face masks stood waiting outside, but didn’t stop us. Then we waited in line to hand over forms saying we didn’t have swine flu, then did the usual customs stuff. And our bags were among the first to come out of the baggage claim. The taxi ride was interesting. The car was a bit beaten-up, and as some of you China vets probably know, there isn’t a lot of order to Chinese driving, but we didn’t die (though it was a close call on a couple occasions). As stated before, Shanghai was really gloomy and rainy. So much so that crossing the river, we couldn’t see any buildings around us. And we were in the middle of the city. It’s a big place, though. There was a considerable amount of lightning. Missy remarked that it sounded different here. More hollow, perhaps? That could just be because we were in the city, though.
Our taxi driver found the hotel relatively easily, and after going through the check-in process (hand over passport, pay deposit, etc), we retired to our room and started to pass out before having to rouse ourselves to eat dinner before we ended up sleeping til 4am and screwing our sleep schedule up even more. For dinner we wandered around a bit in the neighborhood and settled on the one place with English on their sign. It was something along the lines of "Soup And Dumpling Cafe" though I doubt that was the name in Chinese. The food was great, and cheap, though we ordered way too much. Shanghai dumplings are as good as advertised, by the way. Now we’re back at the hotel and she’s already passed out. We still need to get used to the time difference, but I think we’re off to a pretty good start so far.
We have some pictures, but I’m having some problems with the Internet here at this hotel. Or China in general. Or both.




2 responses

20 08 2009

I did get M’s email and your blog with info…Glad that you made it with no problems.

20 08 2009

yay! glad to hear you arrived safely!!!! girl, you better send me regular emails with pictures!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 😉

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