More pictures from Shanghai

21 08 2009

1. Our first dinner in China. On the left are dumplings, in the middle Leek cakes, and the right, some sort of mushrooms braised in garlic sauce dish. On the top are pork ribs in black bean sauce. All very good, particularly the mushrooms. We ordered too much, actually, and had to leave some, but the entire meal was about $12 US. I (Jeremiah) also had a giant bottle of Harbin beer for about $1.
2. Jeremiah in the courtyard of the City God’s Temple
3. The actual altar (is that the right word?) for the City God’s Temple. 4. Missy posing in front of a statue at a pond in Old Shanghai. Yes, it was that muggy outside. Houston ain’t got nothing on Shanghai. 5. Jeremiah, also very sweaty, in front of a pond in Old Shanghai while a tiny Chinese woman tries to dodge the camera.
6. A really cool Dragon made of wood topping a wall in the Yu Yuan Gardens




2 responses

21 08 2009

Thank you guys for the pictures of you guys with the Chinese architecture behind you and the gardeny look. Loved it, but most especially because you are both safe and well in China!! Enjoy the adventure–I hope to go there someday–maybe sooner rather than later!!

It is great to get two outlooks on everything, too.
Take care of each other.
Love, Mom

21 08 2009

Those ribs look fantastic, more pictures of food please. It’s also good to see you are already frightening tiny Chinese women.

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