Our first full day in Shanghai – in pictures

21 08 2009

I’m going to try and upload a couple small versions of photos for your viewing pleasure – at least til we get to our apartment, which will (hopefully) have a better internet connection.

1. In the courtyard of the Shanghai City God’s Temple. Neat place. We made an offering and walked around. Didn’t see any other whiteys there, which sort of made it seem more personalized and real than the mega-touristey stuff in other areas.
2. Yu Yuan Gardens. Like the City God’s Temple, this is in Old Shanghai, which is just basically an excuse to fill old Chinese buildings with Starbucks and watch shops. The gardens are beautiful, though. Fairly old tower buildings surrounded by ponds and nice differently-landscaped areas.
3. This is on a bridge outside Yu Yuan where a lady asked Missy to be in a picture with her and her friend. She seemed overjoyed to get the picture.

We’ll put some more, including maybe one with me (Jeremiah) when we load up some more pictures.
Thanks for looking.




2 responses

21 08 2009

Everything looks so authentic! It’s like you’re really in China or something.

21 08 2009

Is that some sort of refreshments cart with an umbrella in the lower left? If so, I wonder how many people are pleasantly surprised when they pray for a snack.

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