Welcome to Shanghai!

22 08 2009

Hi everyone-
Before I get started on this monster post, I want to tell you about the personal revelation that I stumbled upon last night. I realized that the reason I haven’t been blogging was because I was afraid I would tread similar territory that Jeremiah had already explored in previous blogs which, to me, made blogging seem like work. So, I have decided that I will essentially ignore (at least at first) Jeremiah’s blogs and just write what I want to share. I’d love to use this as a journal since those of you who know me well know that I won’t keep one for myself! If you hear the same story twice and that ticks you off, find another China blog. No hard feelings.

With that out of the way, let’s take a trip waaaaay back to where I last left off. That would be forgetting our passports for all of you joining us halfway through the story. We had an uneventful day in Houston and had no hiccups the next day at the airport. Our faithful Air Canada gate buddy, Felix, who had been so helpful the previous day at the check-in counter greeted us warmly and with a celebratory fist in the air. (Thanks for that, Felix.) The trip to Toronto was easy-
peasy. Air Canada has these lovely on-demand TV sets that play movies, TV, satellite radio and full CDs in the back of the seats and I watched some HBO shows and listened the the new Lily Allen record while working on some embroidery for my favorite new arrival in Tucson, Ivy Buffalo. We got through customs with no problem, grabbed a veggie burger and cheese burger and waited about half an hour to board the Shanghai flight. I got stopped by our ticket agent telling me my carry ons were too big (they were) but luckily, our flight was about half full so she let it slide. This is a lucky lesson. It is also a very lucky situation because a half full 14 hour flight is the way to do a 14 hour flight, people! We had a little 2 seat set in the back but our flight attendant moved us over to a set of 3 seats before we even took off. There were loads of single flyers that had an entire set of 3 seats to themselves. Much sleeping was had by people who can sleep on flights (not us, but we did tried hard.) I watched ‘My Life in Ruins’ (awful), ‘Adventureland’ (good), the “Too Many Dicks on the Dance-floor” and “Murray’s Friend Graph” episodes of ‘Flight of the Conchords’ (great), the first episode of season 3 of ‘Big Love’ (great), and attempted the Hannah Montana movie for a bit of irony (got about 20 minutes in before jumping ship.)

We arrived in Shanghai at 3PM local time, had no problems with customs and were in a taxi on the way to our hotel by 4PM. It was the first time I hadn’t worn a seatbelt in a long time. I think the reason that no one crashes in enormous thunderstorms with jabillions of cars on the road weaving in and out of traffic is that no one seems in a huge hurry like they are in the US. (We noticed this slower pace everywhere, I kept walking with purpose in the city and getting stuck behind mosey-ers. It finally dawned on me that everyone is a mosey-
ers and that’s okay.) I haven’t mentioned our bags and they really do deserve a mention. They were heavy, awkward and plentiful. 3 duffel bags, 1 pink polka dotted rolling duffel, 2 mega-backpacker backpacks (thanks, Chris and Sarah!), 1 smaller backpack (thanks, Chris and Sarah!), and one shoulder bag filled with heavy electronics and books. I made Jeremiah take a picture of us with them in the airport so we could remember this the next time we move somewhere. For the love of Pete, they were a burden and we will continue to lug them around conspicuously until we get to our apartment on September 1st.

Funny thing- we couldn’t figure out how to turn on the lights in our room. There were switches but nothing would turn on, not even the TV. I headed back downstairs and was informed that we put our door slider key thing in the little slot above the light switches by the front door. Magical! When you remove it, all power to the room turns off. It’s pretty clever and I have to wonder if that’s common other places too (anybody know?)

That evening we ate my favorite dish so far, sliced mushrooms in apricot-garlic sauce. I am thinking I should make separate posts for food because I am fascinated by it. We’ll see if I can get that together. I’ll make a separate post of our first full day in Shanghai so I don’t overwhelm my friendly, beloved readers. Hopefully you weren’t bored to tears.


1- In the plane over what we think is Alaska. I was waving to Sarah Palin since she can see us from her house. 2- With our ridiculous luggage.
3- Preview of future post subjects. I’m baiting you to keep tuning in.




3 responses

22 08 2009

Hi, I’m not getting your emails as when I put in my password, I get Jane’s email address. They keep asking for passwords, but neither pass word works. Don’t know what to think.

I have been following your blogs and I’m facinated.

22 08 2009

hey! the same light switch thingy was in paris! totally cool!
and LOVE the blog and pics! keep them coming!

23 08 2009

Blogs are fun to read from you both…all situations have as many takes as people involved. So none are the same! The extra food blogs will be fun.

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