BC and the American healthcare system

26 08 2009

Let’s get down to it, shall we? China and birth control. I have two stories.

1st- Two days ago we were walking down the main drag that Jeremiah’s school and housing are on with a fellow female teacher and I noticed an unmarked metal box that was attached the the city wall that lines the sidewalk. It looked remarkably like a tampon machine and I stopped our small convoy to examine it. I noticed a small faded heart, and it suddenly dawned on me that this just might be a condom machine. We inserted 1Y (about 15 cents) and proof was dispensed below. Jeremiah immediately pointed out that all of the people streaming by on their bikes must be thinking how lucky this American dude with two American chicks was to need a condom in the middle of the afternoon on a weekday.

img 1331

2nd- I forgot to bring a script for BC pills and had heard they were easy to come by and, perhaps, even over the counter. We stopped into a small pharmacy and I drew a bad picture of a circular pack of pills. I also drew a stick figure with a belly and a line through it-
this got me offered a pee stick test. An older woman glanced over my shoulder, immediately understood what I needed, and got me a box of pills. No, literally, a box of loose pills that said something like “Birth deterrent pills.” When I didn’t look excited I was offered a traditional and familiar pack of pills that was a Bayer brand with an English name that had a trademark next to it. They rang up the pills and some tummy upset pills and the grand total was … 72Y, which is 10 bucks, people. I looked up the brand online (due dilligence for medicine consumption) and discovered that this particular brand retails for $48 at the discount pharmacy in Canada — which means it’s even more in the US. JEEZ LOUISE!!! All I have to say to that is PUBLIC OPTION. Also, I will be bringing back birth control and reselling it for a profit cheaper than co-pays.

love, Missy

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One response

1 09 2009
mo, not traci

2 things – 1) I need someone to send me one of those condoms as soon as humanly possible. No, I’m serious. 2) Hook a birth control using sister UP.

oh, one more thing – I’m Traci pleased to meet you over birth control talk 🙂

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