Jeremiah’s A Slice of Chinese Life Wisdoms, Part 1

31 08 2009

Chinese people can’t back up/turn their cars.

I know it’s sort of a cliche to complain about the driving of Asian people, but I have to. Now, let me make it clear: the drivers here do a wonderful job of squeezing in between other cars on small-laned streets, and no one seems to drive above 40 miles an hour, which is nice, but there is one catch: They can’t turn their cars. After being here two weeks, this is what I’ve decided: Give a Chinese man a Dodge Omni and an eight-lane road in which to complete a u-turn, and he’ll only have to back up twice. It really is something to see.




2 responses

31 08 2009

So it is an genetic thing not to be able to drive? Mmmmm. Interesting. You may be on to something.


1 09 2009
Night Ranger

Chinese people drive Dodge Omnis?

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