After I tell you this, you’re gonna want to move to China, too.

6 09 2009

Secret agent Missy blogging.

I am currently in my shared office on the first day of school. It’s 1.12 in the afternoon and classes resume at 2PM. The other 3 teacher I share the office with have all just bedded down for a NAP. No kidding. They pulled out these reclining camping chair looking deals, a blanket, pillow and I am now disrupting the silence with the sound of the keys touching the keyboard. From what I understood as they were setting up the sleepover, this is standard practice.

Don’t want to interrupt the trip to dreamland so I’ll sign off now.

love, Missy




One response

7 09 2009

ummm…they take after the Italians and the Spanish…at least they did that in the 70’s when I was there…not just schools, but whole towns…except for the eateries…They used the time to eat and visit, not sleep.

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