Learning the customs from the natives

8 09 2009

Another blog from Missy’s office. It’s been really nice being around so many Chinese people in close quarters the past few days. It’s a very different experience being the only foreigner. At Jeremiah’s school, there are literally dozens of expat teachers wandering around and it’s possible to go through an entire day with only a few "hellos", "goodbyes" and "thank yous" being your entire interaction with the Chinese citizens. As you know, Monday I got to see naptime and today I was sitting at my desk as a fellow office mate walked in the door and tossed the leftovers from her cup on the floor in a specific corner. I must have looked surprised because a different teacher explained that it was okay- it moisturized the air. Ah. Of course.

Yesterday night Jeremiah and I walked down our little street for the first time in search of dinner. We stopped at a place where you pick items from a fridge that are pre-skewered and then hand over your choices to be grilled right on the street. We chose pea pods, eggplant medallions, unidentified chicken, dumpling dough and something we think was tofu-esque. They dipped it in some sort of marinade and then shook chili powder onto the whole mess while it grilled. AH-MAZING. 2 drinks and a pile of freshly grilled food was 14Y (about $2.) They also had all kinds of meaty skewers, fishy things (including entire small flat fish!) and what we identified too late as mushrooms. I cannot wait to go back. A side note- grilled dumpling dough turns into the most amazing piece of bread. It is worth traveling to China to try it.

Tonight we are meeting up with people who are famous to us for their Nanjing blog. JM and Liz moved here with their son, Leo, when he was only 6 months old. I’m excited to meet another couple in our age range who have 2 years in Nanjing under their belt! I think they’re on our blog roll if you want to check out their life.

Love, Missy




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10 09 2009

Corner coffee groups at the local MacDonald’s could take on a whole new perspective…moisturizing the air…but wait…haven’t you said this is a very humid area???? Why does it need moisturizing???

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