Not having the internet is frustrating, to put it mildly.

12 09 2009

Hi all,
We got the water delivery service working at the new apartment after only 9 days. Now we’re waiting for the internet. We keep getting anxious emails from you, our beloved friends and family, wondering why we aren’t on ichat or why we haven’t responded to email. This is why. It stinks having to pack up the expensive lap top and ride a bus for half an hour to use the internet which is why we haven’t been doing it early in the morning, which is when we’re able to synchronize our awake time with you. During the day, we’re teaching. Please be patient. We miss you. To hold you over, here is a picture a drink I will never try and one of us at a smaller football match. The Nanjing Yoyo are Division 2 and you can go onto the field after the game. Which means we did- and took ridiculous pictures.

love, Missy




One response

12 09 2009

haha! So they have something like that at Vietnamese places here, although in more American friendly flavors like “mango” and “green tea”! I didn’t know you could eat aloe! The floaty-balls were just kinda chewy… like giant tapioca

I am so interested in this real chinese food!

Hope your internet works out soon!

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