Jeremiah’s A Slice of Chinese Life Wisdoms, Part 3

15 09 2009

Chinese people build stuff. Now I don’t mean this as a knock against America. Obviously it took something to get where we are today, and I can’t give all the credit to Walmart and the Dream Team, but Chinese construction is a whole different animal. In the United States, if something needs to be built, it will be built sometime over the course of a year or a couple years. American construction workers do work hard – I’ve done a little construction, and it’s back-breaking work, often in bad conditions, for pay that probably isn’t enough to justify having to do it. But in China, they build things overnight. You might not believe me, but it’s true. On the street by our house when we moved in, there is a lot which had three concrete walls and dirt for the ground. No ceiling. Fast forward to 10 days later, and what do I see? Two fully-functioning, fully-decorated restaurants. And I don’t mean street food, I mean actual restaurants with chairs and pictures on the wall and stuff. Doors on the front, and everything. And it didn’t even take 10 days – they finished them a few days ago. Amazing. I guess that’s what happens when the government forces people to work day and night, regardless of the climate or age of the workers. Well, as long as the dumplings are good, right?

I know why Chinese people are skinnier than Americans. Look at the spoons.




2 responses

16 09 2009
Night Ranger

They also have like 500 people on a project, whereas we may have like 20 or so.

16 09 2009

Well, in the case of the restaurants by our house, it’s more like three guys. I think the key is that they work around the clock, more so than any large group of construction workers.

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