Missy’s Chinese Magical Moments Ep. 14

16 09 2009

I have two.

My school day ends at 5.30 on Tuesday and Wednesday which is dinnertime in China. When you walk along the street from the school to the apartment, EVERYONE in our neighborhood is out and about, eating at the dozens of stands and informal restaurants, cooking outside, or just wandering around. Yesterday I was walking back to the apartment and I felt like I was in a street scene in a movie. Everyone I passed had to say hello. The vendors who we’ve bought food from, my students waving frantically from behind the glass at a hair salon, the 5 year old girl who’s mom works at the mobile phone kiosk, the old lady who sits outside our apartment- you get the idea. I literally didn’t stop saying "Ni Hao" or "Hello" until I spotted the handsome American who lives in my apartment on his way down the street to meet me. Magical.

The second (or first, if you want to pay attention to linear time) happened last weekend when we tried to take the tram up the purple mountain before going to the Yoyo football match. We walked about a mile up this wooden staircase/boardwalk thing until we got to the tram base. Unfortunately, we had old information in our guidebook and didn’t bring enough money for two tickets so we headed back down. On the way, I glanced up at the city walls (I think we’ve mentioned this, Nanjing is surrounded by an ancient city wall that is about 4ish stories high) and a policeman waved and smiled at me from in between one of the toppers of the wall (what are those up and down things called, anyway? Aunt Gingy? This seems like a job for you.) I waved and smiled back and commented to Jeremiah that I just had a ‘magical Chinese moment.’ We hadn’t seen a policeman smile, let alone wave. When we mentioned this to one of Jeremiah’s Chinese teachers, she burst out laughing with disbelief. She simply couldn’t believe it. My theory is that he was shielded from his fellow officers or captain by the walls and wouldn’t get any strife for being friendly.

love, Missy

P.S. You know what’s not magical? Having your normal Chinese-morning-upset-tummy-time over a squat toilet at your school because you woke up late. That’s all I’m going to say about that.




5 responses

16 09 2009

Aren’t they called ramparts? I might be wrong. Being late today was my fault…

17 09 2009

Those were magical moments. I love hearing about your adventures.

Love you!!!

17 09 2009
Night Ranger

Minarets. The towers are called minarets.

18 09 2009

I thought minarets were towers on a mosque. I would have said it is part of the rampart which is what one walks on at the top of a wall of tower.

4 10 2009
Diana - mom's sunday school friend

my son tyler loved those squat pots last summer when he went to china too…actually he said it was a good way to strengthen your quadraceps. he said it was exceptionally adventuresome when he used them on the overnight train and you can see the tracks running underneath you……(SPLAT)…..Enjoy, Diana

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