Jeremiah’s A Slice of Chinese Wisdoms: Part er

18 09 2009

Chinese people smoke. Now this might not be news to most people in the USA, but the extent of it probably would be. Chinese people smoke a lot. It’s like being in a detective novel from the ’50s here. I – and Missy probably to a similar extent – have struggled with dealing with the increase in nicotine fumes, particularly at bars & restaurants. Luckily, neither of us is too crazy about going out and partying all the time, but when we do go out, we get a flashback to how it was a couple years ago in most US cities, where you would come home from the bar reeking like cigarettes and coughing in the morning from inhaling so many cigarette fumes. It’s also interesting to see tables (and underneath tables) left by Chinese men after they eat dinner. There will often be a stack of cigarette butts on the ground and a similar number of empty Tsingtao bottles.




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