Our first product endorsements!

21 09 2009

We have made some purchases and discovered some new technology that I’m excited to share.

First, may I be the first to encourage you to sign up for Jajah at www.jajah.com. This is an amazing internet based calling service that uses YOUR OWN PHONE to call internationally for only 3 cents a minute. What in the what?! You just put in your phone number and country and the number you want to call and click ‘Call.’ Your phone rings, you pick up, it rings the person you want to call, they pick up and you talk. Simply amazing and ridiculously cheap. If you live in the US (or 20 other countries that aren’t China) you can even assign a local number to people you call internationally (like me) and just call from your phone without using the website. I still can’t believe it.

Second, take my advice and buy a Sanyo Handy Vac the next time you’re in China. I wanted a dustbuster because they don’t make dustpans in China like they make ’em in the U S of A. We went to the Sunning, the Chinese appliance/mobile phone chain store, and while I picked out a toaster oven (we haven’t tried it yet, I have high hopes) Jeremiah picked out a winner of mini vacuum. Not only is it a lovely teal color and tastefully small and compact, it sucks like nobody’s business. Interesting China note- the vacuum bags are reusable! You take it out and slide a bottom clippy thing out to empty it. Chinese people may not care so much about the air pollution, but they sure keep those landfills in check.

Lastly, if you didn’t keep the link to our flickr account, see the zoo pics from the previous post at www.flickr.com/mjchinablog

love, Missy




4 responses

21 09 2009
Prince B

Hey! Here’s my first obligatory comment I promised you! I will vouch for the exceptional quality of of the jajah.com phone call. It sounded as if you were seated right next to me….at Bumstead’s…..on karaoke night. Wait, no, it sounded way better than that! Great to hear your voice!

21 09 2009
Miss P

If word gets out that I’m calling the likes of you, I’ll never live it down. I’d have to leave on a midnight train to Georgia….

22 09 2009

I looked at the zoo pictures at school after the mystery test. The kids loved the white tiger pic and the pandas.

4 10 2009
Diana - mom's sunday school friend

you guys are hysterical…..I am really enjoying the pics and captions, Missy’s theatrics and both of y’all sense of humor on the blogs…..Sounds like you are having a blast!…..Keep it coming!..Diana

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