On a more personal note

23 09 2009

My (Missy’s) mother is on her first day of a house buying trip up in the Northwest. She officially decided to retire in a few months and wants to move the family homestead. I’m thrilled that she chose the place that, of all the moves over the years, we love best. So, by the end of the week I’ll have a family member in Vancouver, Astoria or Woodlands and will not crash at your place during my yearly visit. Hooray!

Let’s all wish her antsy sellers, pleasant realtors, and lots of luck.




3 responses

25 09 2009
Prince B

A big “Ouch!” from your fans in Tucson!

4 10 2009

no more longenbaugh?!?!

7 10 2009

Hi Missy,

Thank you for sending a photo, it was the quickest way for me to find you and see what you are up to. Galium asks about you and wonders why we can’t call (what do you mean they don’t have phones in China? to why there is a computer and not a phone) so we will be reading up on all of your adventures since August. Nothing much to report here, everyone and everything status quo. Studying for GRE, laying groundwork for school, starting yoga again; second grade, cub scouts and chess running smoothly. Will read regularly, your adventure looks like a blast.

Love, Megan

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