Golden week!

25 09 2009

So next week begins China’s Golden Week, essentially like a weeklong July 4 holiday to celebrate the country’s move to a (sort of) communist government. In typical Chinese fashion, us teachers and students are being made to make up holiday time off by working weekends, but we’ll get over it, me in particular by not having any classes to make up this Sunday. Anyway, traveling during Golden Week is supposed to be a bit of a hassle – not a surprise in a country of a billion people, but Missy and I decided that we needed to make some sort of effort to see this big country, so we’re going to attempt to weather the crowds and go somewhere. So we headed down to one of the smaller train ticket kiosks in the city by my school, which was an adventure in its own way, in that the desk attendant was either unwilling or unable to understand us or read our phrase book. We ended up being helped out by a man waiting to buy tickets who was kind enough to translate for us. Our destination is Luoyang, home of the Longmen Grottoes, site of some ancient Buddhist statues carved into the wall on the side of a river. Supposed to be pretty impressive. In addition, on the second day, we’ll travel to the Shaolin Temple, generally acknowledged as the birthplace of Kung Fu. I’m pretty excited about both. If this trip doesn’t get me in with the Wu-Tang Clan, nothing will.
Also this week, we’ll be attending a Golden Day (Oct. 1) party thrown by one of my Chinese English teachers . I can’t pronounce her name, so we call her Ma Ya or Ma Yan. It sounds more like Ma Yee-ahn, but I’m probably just hearing it wrong. She’s pretty nice, and her and her husband Bao invited us over, our first chance to really interact in a non-work, non-food setting with some of the locals (our couple nights out for drinks with fellow teacher Miranda excepted). I’m really excited to see how Chinese people celebrate Independence Day. -Jeremiah




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26 09 2009

We visited the Shaolin Temple last week thanks to Kung Fu Panda. I can’t wait to see your photos of all the talking animals!

26 09 2009
Prince B

Golden Week? Isn’t that when everyone just pees in the street? Or wait, is every week Golden Week then?

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