.. and we’re off!

3 10 2009

Hello all. We’re just an hour away from leaving for Luoyang. We’re excited. It’ll be my first overnight train ride, so I’m looking forward to it. Yesterday, and we’ll have more on this when we get back, we went with new friends Paige and Ryan to the big city gate on the south side of Nanjing. It was impressively large, but I thought they could’ve done more with it, particularly given that some of the site was not exactly … ummm … attack-proof. More on that later.

Anyway, before we leave, here are some pictures from the Zhonghua Gate.

1. Missy and Paige in front of an offering statue. Know what’s good for people’s health? Have a place to make offerings enclosed inside a gigantic gate. The smoke really swirls around underground where there isn’t oxygen. It’s great for your lungs!
2. The Zhonghua Gate. Contrary to how it might appear, that building is not made of stone. We have video as proof.
3. Baby butt: It’s everywhere!




2 responses

6 10 2009
mo, not traci

help me understand the baby butt thing.

10 10 2009
Diana - mom's sunday school friend

my understanding from my son is that there are no diapers in china….so out the trap door it comes!!!!!!!!!….I’m sure its really messy

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