Foiled by China ‘net once again

8 10 2009

Jeremiah’s Note: Hey, I managed to log in somehow and fix this, so the previously mentioned site is now gone. Whew!

OK, sorry about the last post. You all (meaning all of you whose email I have, as well as many whose email I have that probably don’t read this bog) might have received an email “invite” from me to join a soccer game online. Oops! I was actually browsing online games, and I somehow contrived to invite everyone on my email list. And when I say everyone, I mean every email address I’ve ever contacted or added as a contact. And for those of you who received that, I apologize. But better yet, two of those email addresses were ones I use to update this blog, as well as my other one I haven’t updated at all recently. So, along with annoying all my friends and casual acquaintances with pointless email invites, I also had the same invite posted to this blog. And here’s where China’s blockade of 1/2 of the Internet strikes: I can’t access WordPress to delete that last post. But I thought I’d contribute to the spam-like excess for those of you who probably get an update on this site by sending one explaining and apologizing for the last one.
We’ll post something with a little more substance soon, I promise. -Jeremiah




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