Fine. We’ll talk about the vacation.

14 10 2009

Apologies for the lag time in blog-land. Jeremiah is encouraging me (Missy) to dive into this one by subtly refusing to continue the story. I know it hurts him not to write more than it hurts me. However, the additional not-so-gentle nudgings from my mother have pushed me onto the keyboard.

Today will be the first night of the extracurricular activity I organized at my school- "Watching American TV Shows." This goes right up there with last week’s educational masterpiece- "Sing Along with ABBA Songs." (That was a huge hit, by the way.) We’re going to start tonight with Ugly Betty but I’m already a little nervous that the occasional lingerie shot may be too risque. The plus is that I found it at a knock-off DVD store in China so there are Chinese subtitles. I would love to show GLEE (which I’ve been illegally downloading from the internet because American streaming video websites don’t let Chinese users see them- probably because they’ll end up in the knock-off video store- but I digress) but the versions I have don’t have subtitles. The plight of an educator. Do you feel the angst?

Jeremiah and I have been hard at work decorating our apartment. I framed a bunch of Broadway showcards from the 60s and tried to nail them into the wall and only discovered concrete. Luckily, the walls are already damaged beyond hope from dirt and scotch tape. A hole in the plaster fits in nicely.

Tonight we’re going to try and find Thai food. We’ve been surprised by the lack of other Asian countries restaurants. So far, there are more Thai restaurants we can name in Tucson (6?) than in Nanjing (2?) Wish us luck.

There are pictures of our vacation posted on Flickr. I promise that one of the other of us will add some explanations soon.

I’m off to class!

Love, Missy




2 responses

14 10 2009

thank you for the update. I’ll re-read as I think I missed the part about your vacation.

love you

14 10 2009

mmm I missed the part about the vacation, too. Hope the Thai food was good.

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