Chinese Babies and their Business

26 10 2009

Much discussion has occurred about the naked baby bottom photo we posted a couple weeks ago. This concept seems to have blown your collective minds. Let me tell you what little I have figured out, keeping in mind that I do not own a Chinese baby.

Yes! Most Chinese babies and toddlers do not wear diapers. They wear pants that have the middle seam ripped out so their private bits are exposed to the elements. However, having been here three months, neither of us have seen an accident. We’ve seen toddler aged (and pre-
school.. and a few adults, for that matter) using a bush in a park here or there but we haven’t been able to catch a baby in the act. I once saw a baby being cleaned up after the act- it looked very similar to how we clean up babies. Wet wipes and such. My theory is that the baby’s keepers (mom, dad, two sets of grandparents) are attentive enough to spot the signs of danger or they may even have a way of signaling to the baby that it’s ‘time to go.’ It’s silly and priggish of us, as Westerners, to assume the Chinese would just let their children dirty themselves and the unlucky family member who carried them. I did see a newborn once and it was wrapped up in a towel, I’m assuming they hadn’t figured out it’s pattern yet?

You do, occasionally, see a baby wearing those pants in addition to a diaper. Usually on a train or other place where dealing with the baby’s business might be complicated. I promise to update more as soon as I get to be friends with someone who has a baby. Right now we just coo and smile at them on our way to work so the grandmas will like us!

love, Missy




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