Dinosaur Land is the happiest place this side of the earth.

28 10 2009

So this past Saturday Jeremiah, Zephyr (one of JW’s co-teachers) and I went to Dinosaur Land in nearby Changzhu which is a combination Paleontology museum and amusement park. And, yes, it was AMAZING.

It was hands-down the cleanest amusement park any of us had ever been too. It was only 120Y to get in (about $18) and our only disappointment was that they advertised having a roller coaster which was untrue. I think it may have been lost in translation- they certainly had big rides that were permanent- spinning velociraptors going up and down a brontosaurus track, etc. They even had a log flume ride that shared the building with the paleontology museum- you could watch people drift past exploding water volcanos and under an angry t-
rex with a log car in it’s mouth as you left the museum. (Special note on Chinese log flume rides- for 2Y (about 30 cents) you buy a poncho to protect you from the water. What a great idea.)

Everywhere you looked there were huge dinosaur statues. Herds of velociraptors, brontosaurs in the pond, Nessie in the fiberglass tree rainforest, the list goes on and on. The park was also decorated for Halloween (which is not celebrated in China) so you’d turn a corner and see a triceratops chasing a severed head. Priceless. The gift shops were also hilarious. There was no rhyme or reason to the souvenirs- some Lilo and Stitch stuff, plastic dinosaurs, rastafarian dolls, halloween costumes- truly anything goes at Dinosaur Land.

There was also an amazing show that was set underwater. The costumes and set were actually very impressive. We thought the plot was a little weak but, then again, we can’t understand Chinese. My favorite part was when the heroine and the queen of the ocean (maybe?) rode out for the finale on an animatronic stegosaurus. Apparently the stegs could breathe underwater. Who knew?

Check out the amazing pictures on our flickr page. They’re truly a site to behold.

love, Missy

“Please vomiting here.” Words to live by, don’t you think?




2 responses

28 10 2009

With those Chinese lessons, you’ll be able to follow the weak or strong plots!

1 11 2009
Prince B

New band name – Animatronic Stegosaurus!

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