Our trip, finally

28 10 2009

OK, I’ll get this over with and then we can all move on with our lives. So we stayed the night at the Zen International Hotel on the grounds of the Shaolin Temple. Nice hotel. The bathroom smelled a bit funny, but the room was very nice in the four-star Chinese style. There weren’t many options for dinner, but the hotel had a decent, if a bit expensive restaurant on the grounds. That night we jumped around and took ridiculous photos at the Temple gate. I’m sure you’ve probably seen them by now, but if not, go to http://www.flickr.com/mjchinabog, and check them out. They’re in there somewhere.
The next morning we saw a martial arts show on the temple grounds, which was impressive. A whole host of fighters, full-grown guys, girls, kids, fighting with fake swords. We enjoyed it. After that, we flagged down a minibus to head back to Luoyang, something we were very proud of ourself for doing. Minibuses are fun. They’re tiny and get super-crowded with farmers carrying corn and stuff, and everyone talks loudly. They also stop off at lots of places you probably would never notice. It took a little over an hour to get back to Luoyang, and we were both starving at that point, so we found a Muslim Chinese food place by the train station – Muslim Chinese food seems to always be fantastic, fyi – and we had noodles with tomato sauce. Sort of like Chinese spaghetti. Then we caught a bus out to the Han Tombs, which was a pretty interesting museum on the north side of the city. Basically, they dug up these ancient tombs, rebuilt them – or left them as/is, we weren’t sure – and then put them down under this old temple-looking thing. So we wandered around and would have to duck down to see the tombs, some of which were lavishly carved with pictures. After this we were starting to tire and still had our lovely 12-hour train ride back to Nanjing, so we went back to the city centre, had a sort of dinner at KFC, messed around at the internet cafe, and then waded through the mass of bodies to our train. And now you’re up to date.




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