I think I’m learning the Chinese, I think I’m learning the Chinese, I really think so

5 11 2009

Sort of. As referenced by my better half, we’ve been attending regular Chinese classes with our new Chinese tutor Anna. They’re going pretty well, though I don’t feel like I know anything more than marginal tourist Chinese, at best. Though I guess from the reaction I get from Chinese people when I do try to speak Chinese, I’m not sure most tourists speak any at all. Right now, we’re learning how to ask for and answer questions about dates and times, which seems really difficult at the moment, but will probably get easier.
And so, with this in mind, here is my brief Chinese lesson for you on how to say the month.
Actually, it’s a pretty simple idea. To say a month, all you do is say the number of the month (from one to 12, obviously) and add it to the word “yue” (pronounced YOO-AY, more or less). Easy, right? So the words for numbers 1-12 are: yi (pronounced EEE), er (ARE), san, si (sounds like you say “Siiiiiiiir” but with slightly less r in there), wu, liu (LEO), qi (CHEE), ba, jiu (JEE-OH), shi (SURE), shi’yi (SURE-EE), shi’er (SURE ARE).
Therefore: January=yi’yue; February=er’yue; March=san’yue;
April=si’yue; May=wu’yue; June=liu’yue; July=qi’yue; August=ba’yue; September=jiu’yue; October=shi’yue; November=shi’yi’yue;
I expect you all to be practically fluent when we see you next year. -Jeremiah




One response

6 11 2009

Two for the price of one! Learn 12 words and know numbers and months plus
yue! What a bonus language.

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