No interwebs… again.

8 11 2009

At the apartment we have 150 hours of wireless internet each month. I agree with you, this sure sounds like a lot. However, it seems we have run out and it has stopped working. This probably has something to do with the fact that we have to turn a button off and on to activate service. It’s easy to be online and then the phone rings or the laundry needs hanging and then you start making dinner (or go to sleep or go to work!) and forget to turn the little button in the other room off. We have both returned home to a bright green light announcing that our beloved absentmindedly left home without turning it off. So, until we figure out how to get it turned back on or who we can give 50Y ($7.50) to for unlimited- we’re stuck at the internet cafes again. Yuck.

In other news, I had the bright idea to give our friend Paige fireworks to celebrate her housewarming party. Talk about fun! You can buy them anywhere and they are CHEAP!! We had two big jobbies that threw 12-16 flashes a couple stories into the air for only $3!! It is my new, go-to party starter. This week is mid-terms and all of our classes have, basically, been cancelled. We’re going to Shanghai from Thursday to Saturday to do a little Christmas shopping and have some fun. I’m sure the trip will yield pictures so you can all look forward to that.

love, Missy




3 responses

8 11 2009

Have fun in Shanghai! I’ll be waiting to see what you think are the must see sponts and if the tour agrees!!!

8 11 2009

opps,,,that should be spots in that last sentence…better proof reading is necessary on my part before hitting submit!

11 11 2009
Mel Mason

Hey lady! I wanted to say hello and see how you and J are doing. Sorry your internets are misbehaving. Email me when you can! Much love to you both…

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