… And we’re back

11 11 2009

So we have the Internet again at the apartment. Apparently it was reconnected without them telling us – naturally – but it still wasn’t working. So I did some monkeying around with the wires, and it turned out that the phone cord, which is this super, unnecessarily-long phone cord which is taped in several places, had some of the tape come off, and it came unhooked, more or less. So eventually we’ll have a new phone line, which will hopefully keep such a thing from happening again. At any rate, it’s nice to not have to ride the bus into the city to the dorm to look up esl lessons online or something we might’ve had to do had we been without the internet longer.

In another only in China event, we were riding the bus into town today to run some errands – and before I continue, I guess I should say that “into town” means into downtown Nanjing. It is a giant city, and we live on the north side, but we are certainly not in “the boonies.” Anyway, the bus driver seemed concerned with something on the bus, and stopped twice to open up the metal cover to the engine, which he then fooled around with. We made it to the destination, but it’s not often that you see a bus driver open up the engine cover – while the engine is running – to try and fix something.
Oh, China. In two days, we head to Shanghai for shopping.




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11 11 2009
Night Ranger

I’m China, bus fix YOU.

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