We’ve been Shanghaiied, Part 1

12 11 2009

So we’re in Shanghai at a hostel. Umm…Le Tour Traveler’s Rest Hostel, I think? It’s pretty nice. It’s near the French Concession area of Shanghai, which is the prettier, more upscale part of the city. Or one of them. Shanghai has a few. The hostel is big, the rooms are relatively cheap and clean, so we’re pretty happy. We had a couple drinks at the bar on top of the building, then we played an intense match of pingpong, I mean, table tennis – we are in China after all. As for who won, I’ll just say that Missy will sweeping up leaves with a wicker broom for a few extra days next week.
Anyway, we went to the Chinese Propaghanda Museum, which was pretty awesome. It was down in the basement of an apartment complex, as strange as that sounds, but they had an impressive collection of Communist propaganda posters from 1949-1979. Many of them were anti-US, surprise surprise, though that changed in 1972 when Nixon visited the country. Anyway, cool museum. We got some reproduction postcards and some artwork for our apartment/America, which is exciting.
After the museum, we went out to dinner at this place called Malone’s, where I’m happy to say we managed to eat a real burger AND a real veggie burger. A bit pricey, but this is Shanghai, and they did taste like real burgers, so we’ll take the hit with a smile. Tomorrow we’ll tourist it up at Jing’An Temple, maybe go to Sun Yat-Sen’s former residence, then meet up with laoshi buddies Ryan and Paige for evening hijinks. See you then.!




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13 11 2009

The museum sound very cool. I saw a replica of Sun Yat-Sens’ home in VAncouver; very neat place…my guess is the real thing is even better.

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