Skills I didn’t know I was teaching

17 11 2009

My lesson this week, in the spirit of last week’s mid-terms, is to have each of my classes remember as many lessons as we can. I wrote their memories down on the board and jogged their brains to recall the less popular lessons. Each student had to write down their favorite and least favorite activity and then stand and give a quick speech on why.

18 Year Old Nursing Student LIKES-
-The Taylor Swift video, “You Belong with Me.” I often have them repeat the lyrics to songs, then we listen to the songs while reading the lyrics, then watch the video as a reward for their hard work. It’s a great way to make sure everyone speaks and I can control the difficulty of the words. We’ve done this a lot (as you’ll see in the DISLIKES) but they seriously screamed like girls at a Beatles concert when we saw this video for the first time. It’s just a teenage girl with a blondie boy neighbor to you and I but it was described today as “The best film I have ever seen.” It was, hands down, the most popular favorite thing. The only reason everyone didn’t say it was their favorite was because I forbid people sitting next to each other to choose the same thing.
-Other favorites included Beyonce’s Single Ladies video (I know, I know, but it’s girl power, right?), Thriller and other Halloween activities, and the episode of Ugly Betty we watched for our slang unit.
-My favorite “like” was a girl who stood up and said she liked ‘The Nightmare Before Christmas’ because it taught the important lesson that “everyone should be happy with the job that we are given and should not look to do a different job.” Whhhaaaaaaatttttt???? (And, I know many of you American peeps will think, “That is so China” but it’s really not. Most of the young people I encounter are all about studying hard so they can make lots of money. She’s a relic.)

18 Year Old Nursing Student DISLIKES-
-THE BEATLES!!!! I know! I know! I had a solid two weeks of using Beatles songs as their daily speech therapy (“Somesing in zee way shi muves…”) and, obviously, a great subject to fulfill the western culture portion of my class. I started at the beginning with ‘I Wanna Hold Your Hand’, moved through ‘Hey Jude’, ‘All You Need is Love’, ‘Something’, ‘Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds’ and, what I was convinced would be a surefire hit, ‘Yellow Submarine.’ Guess who mostly mostly wrong? Yup. The only kids who liked the Beatles were the 3 or 4 who already knew about them. Epic failure.
-Giving Directions, Being Polite, etc. Basically, if it was a lesson where I prepared slides and there were no videos involved, it was a dislike.
-Breakfast. We watched some cooking videos and went over what Americans eat for breakfast. Multiple students in multiple classes disliked this lesson because “the food looked so good but we could not eat it because 1) “we do not have those foods here”, 2) “we want to remain slim”, 3) “it is only a picture.”

love, Missy




2 responses

18 11 2009

HA! Love. It. Wish I had such a cool language teacher when I was in school. The only videos we got to watch were episodes of an 80s spanish-language soap opera called Destinos. And no, it wasn’t as fun as it sounds.

27 11 2009

that was some funny shit!

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