21 11 2009

This is a story from a few weeks ago but I was reminded of it tonight and thought it was worth sharing.

Our local import store, Times Grocery, carries vegetarian refried beans and tortillas. We decided to attempt soft tacos and tracked down non-Mexican hard, white cheese. All we needed was the veggies so we headed to our street’s fruit and veggie stand to pick up some tomatoes (we are still a little leery about lettuce.) There was a mound of red fruit in the front and we picked out two.

Ever seen a persimmon? Me neither. Looks like this-

Ever seen a tomato? Me too! They look like this-

Remarkable similar, wouldn’t you say?

I sliced into the piece of red produce we purchased and noticed that this “tomato” did not have seeds. I sniffed it and realized quickly that it was not a tomato. This was a deliciously sweet fruit of some kind where the meat was similar to the meat on the outsides of a tomato. I brought it up with my teachers and they got me the chinese characters, google got me the word ‘persimmon’. I only knew of it from Greek mythology. It’s the ‘fruit of the gods’. FYI- it does not compliment a soft taco.

bon appetite,




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23 11 2009

I’ve seen and eaten persimmons…in MO. They grow here in the woods–not super common, but here. I can see they’d not be good on tacos!!!

2 01 2010
Nikki Biddulph

I love persimmons! They are a tasty treat…

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