Another drug induced rant.

23 11 2009

Backstory- I had two night seizures back in January and March. I’m fine, they’re not as rare as you’d think, but I’m on a low dose of an anti seizure medication for the next year or so until I “grow out of them.” This is very common from what I understand.

Today’s story- I had to buy more seizure medication in China. I couldn’t get it at the normal pharmacy so we had to track them down at a Chinese hospital. Luckily, we know a pretty decent Chinese speaker who was happy to tag along in exchange for a blueberry smoothie (thanks, Neil!) In America I took the generic and it cost $90 (with insurance!) for a month’s supply. Today, in China, I bought the name brand for 224 yuan, about $31. I looked online and found out that this same box of medicine was $140 at Costco.

I feel like a better writer than myself could use this as a great jumping off place to discuss the American health care system, large drug companies and their policies in America vs. the rest of the world, and perhaps, how the Chinese system of expecting individuals to pay for their own health care might have benefits. I am not this writer. We’ll leave it that I’m bringing home buckets of drugs when I return home.

love, Missy




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