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26 11 2009

So a couple quick notes.
First off, Happy Thanksgiving to all. I hope you eat your fill of whatever it is you eat on Thanksgiving. There used to be a point where god-fearing Americans could depend on their neighbors to eat turkey and mashed potatoes, but now since the hippies took over, we feel no such comfort. So enjoy your tofurkey or your tofam, please. In Nanjing, it’s horribly smoggy, so we’ll celebrate our Thanksgiving with a Chinglish-covered facemask. (If we find some in time) I don’t think we mentioned this, but we played some songs at Don Quixote the other night. Don Q is a sort of Chilis-like ex-pat bar here in town which has some instruments set up for people to play, so we cobbled up some John Denver and the like, and it went well enough. It would be nice if we could actually get a set down, but both of us are so busy that it hasn’t happened.
Lastly, I went unplug the computer today and all the power in the house went off. After spending awhile tinkering our fuse box – thankfully, in the apartment and not down six flights of stairs – I was able to get everything on again. Oh, China.
Hope you all are doing well.




2 responses

26 11 2009

This Thanksgiving I’m thankful for technology that allows me to keep in touch with great friends despite great distances. Have a happy Tofurkey day!

27 11 2009
Prince B

Happy Thanksgiving guys! I had to come all the way to Houston since you weren’t around to have an orphan party!

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