China odds and ends

6 12 2009

Hi all. Just a blog update since we haven’t done much of it lately. First off, I think we failed to mention what we did for Thanksgiving. I’ll make it brief as most of you have already talked to us about it. Thanksgiving is not a big deal in China, obviously, but several of the more expensive restaurants (such as the ones at nicer hotels) had expensive Thanksgiving dinners. Thankfully, they were having dinner at this German place we like called Swede & Kraut, which is not one of the more expensive places in Nanjing. Dinner was 168 RMB (about $25) each, which wasn’t too bad. As for the Thanksgiving dinner, it was pretty decent – the turkey and mashed potatoes were good, there were several kinds of salad and moderately OK dessert. It was nice to have the dinner, though holidays here seem a bit forced. Anyway, afterward, our new friend Clio was having a Thanksgiving party at her place (she teaches at a university here in town), so we went there and visited with people for a while and ate a bit more. It was a nice night, all in all.
OK, what else? Firstly, we’ve received a few packages from friends & family overseas, and thanks a lot for that. We really appreciate it, and it’s always nice to know that people care and miss us. We also are fairly well-stocked in books now, but don’t let that stop you from sending more – we like to read.
So Friday night there was a punk show at the Castle Bar, which is the one place in town that seems to have live original rock music. And it was a lot of fun. I was pretty dubious about Chinese bands before coming here, but the three I’ve seen here have all been pretty good and certainly up to the quality of most bands you would see at a small club in the States. The main band we saw Friday was one called Old Doll, who played your standard “Oi Oi!” style British punk, but they did it well, and it’s always fun to hear people shouting stuff in poor English to live music. It was a good time. I’ll post some pictures when we get around to uploading them.




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