Waiting for Twilight…

14 12 2009

Yes, Twilight New Moon is available at our local Chinese video shops. I had them pop the DVD in to check it and it’s someone holding a camera in a movie theatre. So I will wait another 2 or 3 weeks for the professional version. (Sigh.) We’ve had 2012 since before it was released in the theaters but who wants to see the Vatican crushed by a tidal wave when you can what mopey teenagers take their shirts off?




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17 12 2009

Oh poor thing…I hope you make Jeremiah watch it with you…Jill and I went to see The Ten Tenors last night thanks to you…We determined that somehow everything she and I have done lately has involved man candy…First the Monty Python show, then New Moon, and now the PG version of Thunder from Down Under. Loads of fun. There, I’ve commented on your blog. Happy Kwanzaa.

20 12 2009

I had students at the midnight showings of all Twilight movies; last year almost all of my seniors did one of the required book reports on one of the Twilight books during Dec. One book/quarter has to be from the list, but one can be any book I approve–no kiddie books! Enjoy when it comes!

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