Is anybody out there?

16 12 2009

As often as I cruise through stranger’s blogs about China, I wonder who’s cruising through ours. I also got an email the other day from a distant acquaintance who said they kept up faithfully. We keep watching the number of hits accumulate and I’m curious about who the hell you people are and why you have nothing better to do but read about meat hanging from the windows in China (that’s actually a teaser for my next post!)

As a special Kwanzaa gift, would you mind leaving a comment so we can play to our audience in future posts? I will be delighted, Jeremiah will be mildly amused, and you can feel omnipotent.

love, Missy




3 responses

17 12 2009

I’m enjoying your blog and now I do feel HONORED!! I have printed them all and really enjoy the interaction between you two and the different outlook!!

Take care–lot of love, joy and peace,

17 12 2009

I love hearing all about your china adventures! I am so interested in this foreign teacher thing, and how you entertain yourselves in china… and all about China! These things about the everyday differences and funny things in china are great. Love the blog and the photos!

happymerry chrismahanukwanzakah to you!

18 12 2009

I’m here, I’m here! You guys are great entertainment, and pretty darn good photographers to boot.

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