Jeremiah Heals The World, Part 5

20 12 2009

I decided that my occasional posts on teaching needed their own catchy title. This is what I came up with. Your thoughts?

So as I think I’ve mentioned in other posts, we’re now approaching the end of the fall semester at school here, which of course means that I have to start preparing for finals. Now as some of you have probably heard, in China, scheduling is a bit more chaotic than it is in the United States. Or maybe lackadaisical? Anyway, I’m not totally clear on what our schedule is for the remainder of the semester, but I made an ambitious assumption that I would have six more classes with each class before we’re supposed to turn in grades. So I decided to spend last week giving them an outline of what I want them to do in the final – a report on a newsmaker, similar to Missy’s assignment. Initially, the assignment didn’t go so well. I explained what I was having them do, then let them pick from a list of people. But everyone crowded around, and in my first two classes, I didn’t manage to give everyone a topic before class ended. So I modified my plan a little bit and ended up having them pick from a hat what topic to do, which was a little more successful. Anyway, all was well and good, and I had them ready to start presentations two weeks from the day of the class, when I found out a couple interesting things from some of my teachers:

1. No Friday class the next three weeks, which completely throws off my plan to have them each do presentations individually, at least for the classes that day. Friday is the day where I also have the most classes.
2. No class on Dec. 31, when the Thursday students were supposed to start their presentations.
3. I also heard a rumor that for the foreign teachers, the last class if Jan. 15, one which has yet to be confirmed or denied.

So for this week, my plan is to go in and talk to the teachers and hopefully find out one way or another what the schedule is for the rest of the semester. I guess for the Friday students, I’ll have them just pair up and give presentations the last two weeks, and for the other students, we’ll proceed as planned. I told the kids I would do a presentation this week on a Chinese pop star to give them an idea of what I wanted them to do. We’ll see how that goes.




One response

20 12 2009

Good luck on the scheduling. Snow days are what cause us havoc at the send of the semester!

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