Couple crap!

26 12 2009

I’m not sure if we’ve mentioned it before but the Chinese couples are really into wearing matching outfits. I mean, REALLY into. There is a whole genre of store that has t shirts and sweatshirts in multiple sizes so that you and your significant other can get matching ones-
and they’re aren’t cheap! Some of the stores even have small sizes so the whole fan damily can declare that they belong together.

Primo example #1- Sexy couple jackets. Notice that these two are cool, young Chinese people. Nerds might do it too, but it’s hip to have a matching wardrobe.

Jeremiah and I are intrigued by this idea but aren’t ready to go ‘all the way’, if you will. We stuck a toe into the couple clothing abyss a month ago when I found COUPLE MITTENS at the Sanfu (The Forever 21 of China. Their tagline is “Let the youth enjoy their stylish life easily!” is on shopping bags everywhere.)

Primo example #2- They say, “If music be the food of love. play on” Mine are the white ones, Jeremiah’s are a manly brown.

There were many others with subtle messages like a key on the dude’s mitten and a lock on the lady’s. Ew.

People, so far we have spotted couple shirts, couple coats, couple mittens, couple keychains, couple sweaters, and couple hats. I have no doubt there is more that we just haven’t picked up on yet.

For Christmas, Sara, my ‘teaching assistant’/poor lackey gave us couple hats. Holy crap. We wore them on Christmas Eve for our little shindig.

Primo example #Christmas- I’m a panda, Jeremiah is a eared animal with the character for Tiger (next year is the year of the Tiger.) This picture is our only documentation of their existence but I think it won’t be the last!




2 responses

27 12 2009

I like the couple gloves…vote is out on the hats. Reminds me of the baby hats at Halloween for costumes for infants!

4 01 2010

Chris just said Wow with increasing volume at each pic. I think this means there will be matching outfits in our near future!

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