Donuts… are gross.

8 01 2010

We accidently found a donut shop last weekend called Donut Time. Because we are Americans, we had to give it a try. The only recognizable flavor of donut was “Golden Glaze”. Every other flavor was an interesting Chinese take on the donut.

You’re looking at Mr. Red Bean (they love sweet red beans, remember? They put them in the bottom of nai cha drinks and in dumplings), Mango Manhattan (mango frosting, I assume?), and Duren, Duren. Now, Duren is this disgustingly smelly, prickly fruit you see old men peddling on street corners. This clever pun on the 80s band is the only indication that a westerner is somehow involved with Donut Time.

But, wait! It gets weirder!!

Take a gander at Pizzalicious. I would have bought this donut, strictly for anthropological purposes, but the lady in front of me ordered it seconds after I snapped this photo. Thank god I got a picture, am I right? To the right is frosting with, my favorite, black sesame seeds. You’d think this would be a good combination. You (and I) are/were wrong. Gross. Really, really gross.

And, lastly, just in case you thought this post couldn’t get awesomer, is a picture of Jeremiah trying on a goofy blue motorcycle jacket. Happy Friday.




3 responses

9 01 2010

They look like donuts! I must say I’m sorry you didn’t get the pizza one!

9 01 2010

I’ve never been a fan of the donut, but that blue jacket – digging it big time.

9 01 2010

oh god, duren. my mom always loved them, if you can get past the stink, but man, you can smell them for miles!

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