Planning for Spring Festival.

15 01 2010

The 1st semester is almost over and Spring Festival is right around the corner. We’ll doing some traveling in-country unlike every other person we know. ALL of our fellow ex-pats are headed south to Sri Lanka, Laos, Thailand, warmth, etc. but we say psssst! to those exotic locals. Heading north to face-numbing temperatures is how we will spend our holiday! Take that!

The two of us will start our holiday by heading down to Shanghai to catch an Andrew Bird show and then head waaaay north (like- almost Russia north) to Harbin to take in the Harbin Ice Festival. We’ll fly to Beijing and then take a sleeper train to Harbin. Check out amazing pictures from last year’s festival here. No, really. You should click here. It’s incredible. Full scale buildings made of ice. That light up. And ice slides. And palaces. Holy crap.

After three relaxing and cold days we’ll return to Beijing to greet my college pal, Theresa, and her buddy David who will be fresh off a flight from NYC. The very next day, Jeremiah’s good friend Dorian will arrive. The five of us will take Beijing by storm and see all the famous junk. Walls, forbidden stuff, palaces, dead leader’s embalmed (or wax replicated?) bodies, etc.

We’ll then grab a sleeper train to Xi’an to see the Terra Cotta warriors and bike around Xi’an’s intact city wall. After our education we’re taking the crowd back to good ole Nanjing for a couple days of free sleeping arrangements and to show off our hood. I’m sure they’ll be much more impressed at our ability to navigate our own city vs. Beijing or Xi’an. We know where the good dumplings are and how not to get ripped off at the market… we think. For the last few days we’re taking the party to Shanghai. Theresa and David will bid us farewell but Dorian’s staying on for a few more days (if he can stand it.)

Believe it or not, I’ve put together a detailed Excel spreadsheet that has been distributed to the involved parties. I’m not going to post it online because I don’t want all of Jeremiah’s school fanclub to follow us (Did you hear that they’ve started leaving notes on his desk referring to his handsomeness?! Bitches.) But, let me assure you, it’s impressive. We’re talking lines for Dates, Arrival Times, Departure Times, Activities, Sleeping Arrangements, etc. Yeah. Jealous much?

We leave at the end of next week but planning this sucker has been all consuming which is why I’m wasting your time writing about it.

I promise to put more pictures up soon. I know you love ’em.

love, Missy




3 responses

16 01 2010

Sounds fantastic! You’ll be able to tell me what to look for when I’m in Beijing, etc. in March!

16 01 2010

Take 2–kids are taking an exam; I definitely see why you’d want to see the Ice Show! Enjoy–be careful of the fruit!

16 01 2010

i heart you. and can’t WAIT to see you! thanks for all your planning. xoxo.

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