Jeremiah’s Chinese Student Finals Greatest Hits, Volume 1

20 01 2010

So as you, my loyal readers, know, I have been giving my kids finals. Due to a scheduling snafu, or as I like to call it, “regular day in China,” I had to alter my plans so some classes gave presentations, and some did what is essentially a self-report card.

I’ve had some fun stuff in the presentations, though I don’t know how much is blog worthy. I did have a presentation on Titanic which exhibited Rose’s ample bosom, which I would argue isn’t quite appropriate for a class of 13-year-olds. I also had a student give a presentation on George W. Bush in which she elected to have “As Long As You Love Me” by the Backstreet Boys playing, which I thought was fitting.
Also, in Junior 1, where the students love me so much more than Junior 2, for some reason I can’t figure out, I got a note from a boy which said “Jarmiah, You are really a perfect man,” and one left at my desk from an unidentified girl which said “You are so handsome.” Missy is struggling to control her raging jealousy as we speak.

But most of the good (and bad, which I probably won’t quote in the blog) stuff came out of the self-report cards, where I allowed the students to comment on what they like and didn’t like in class. There were all too many “Class is boring” comments from my Junior 2s, but some where very good, or at least, funny. Here are some of the best responses, with my comments or explainers in ():

“Your scarf is fascinating.”
“I like the movies and the music most. And I like your fascinating voices too!” “I don’t like boring introductions of a country or a kind of sport or a kind of people. I don’t like you to put”
“He (Jeremiah) looks like Adam or Jimmy in Mythbusters. It makes me feel happy.” “I want to say ‘Thank you’ to you, Jeremiah.You gave us a happy classes. When I remember the laughter we had, I can feel a beautifully glad atmosphere. You are our great friend, for we had a great time. Sounds wonderful!”
“Your beard is so much, it has covered your beautiful face.” “Jeremiah is much more handsome than the harmonious spl (not readable), he’s a sunny strong man.”
“Jeremiah is very kind. When someone made mistakes in class, he just smiled and forgave us. I love him very much.”
“We only have the class once a week. If we can have more classes, it will be better, I think.” (Believe me, I totally agree)
“We can’t stop laughing in class, because we are so excited when we see the funny movies.” (This was in the ‘What I didn’t like about class’ section)
“I think he (meaning me) looks like Father Christmas and give us much happiness.”
“Jeremiah smile is strange. Jeremiah doesn’t like smiling.”
(Next one) “Jeremiah smiles very cute and always jokes with us.” (In the ‘What I would like to learn about’ section) “I would like to learn the history of Egypt.”
(In another class, the ‘What I don’t like’ section) “Boring knowledges.” “Please make class interesting.” (Well, that’s too the point, isn’t it?) “Talking is legal in China!” (Umm…OK. Is this a complaint?)

As you can see, the comments vary a lot. Most of the good ones and most of the bad ones come from the same classes.




3 responses

20 01 2010
Night Ranger

The “talking is legal” comment is probably from some kid who you shushed for whispering to their buddy instead of paying attention.

20 01 2010

“Jeremiah smile is strange. Jeremiah doesn’t like smiling.”


20 01 2010

You are a sunny strong man. Couldn’t have said it better myself – and I’ve been studying the language for a long time. Of course, I never had you as a teacher…

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