Missy’s entry for the teacher popularity contest in our home.

20 01 2010

We did a lesson on rhyming, and I had the kiddos change the lyrics to songs and sing them in groups. I know. I’m a very self serving person.

They know ‘Auld Lang Syne’ and ‘We Wish You a Merry Christmas’ so I offered those as possible templates. I also gave them the option to pick their own song as long as it was famous. Most of these opuses involved happy lives and lovely wishes but a precious duo involved ME! (Quick explanation- because we live in the school-provided apartment together, we are publicly “married”. I know, weird, but it rolls off our tongues now.)

To the tune of Auld Lang Syne-

“We all love Ms. Paschke
Her husband we want to see.
She is lovely and friendly
We wish her ever happy.”

Yup, Jeremiah has a fan club at my school because we all live on the same street. He gets giggled at constantly.

This next one was sung by the only boys in my class. A motley crew of a boy band.
To the tune of Michael Jackson’s “You Are Not Alone” (which is a hell of a lot more popular here than it ever was in the US)

“My favorite teacher
Are Mrs. Pashke
She is so good
and never did wrong thing

She is so funny
And everyone agree
Why she so well
Nobody know it

Every week we sit and ask myself
How she is so perfect
Something near my ears and I says

That she is so great
For we all knew she is
though we are noisy
She always forgot us {I think they mean forgive.}

That she is so great
For she don’t know she is
though we are confusing
she always forgot us
Paschke is great.” {This final line was embellished by many bizarre runs up and down the scale a la Whitney Houston.}




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28 01 2010

Just got to love the little darlings!

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