We got a gig.

28 01 2010

We saw an ad for “a jazz and blues singer, western preferred.” Why the heck not? After calling, it seems Nail Bar, one of our favorite ex-pat bars in town, was losing its Thursday and Saturday night singer to Australia and needed a replacement. We went down to meet the manager and he invited us to play this past Tuesday. We worked up a teeny audition set of “All of Me”, “Duncan” (our new favorite old Paul Simon song), a dark version of “My Favorite Things” (we borrowed a lot of the inspiration from Coltrane’s version and ended up pretty delighted at our first original arrangement attempt), and “Let’s Call the Whole Thing Off.” Jeremiah has been a trooper learning these new songs and a different guitar style and I am, yet again, so impressed with my fantastic boyfriend’s musical talent.

Well, it went pretty well. I know we both wished we had more material because people started to move closer to the stage just as our ridiculously short set was ending. They demanded an encore and we blew straight into a calm and jazzy (say what??) “La Isla Bonita”. (Inside joke alert- Thank God Greg had another birthday or we would have had to Walk On Sunshine!)

I guess we’ll start playing regularly when our travels end- we leave tomorrow for 2 solid weeks of fun- scroll down to an earlier post for details. Pretty great, huh?!

love, Missy




3 responses

29 01 2010

I demand video. I can’t wait to see you in all your performing glory! How awesome! Congrats!

2 02 2010

Very cool! Would love to hear!

10 02 2010

Well now that is definitely worth a trip to China now! Can’t wait to see you guys perform! Can I request Joan Jett?!?

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