Two days down!

31 01 2010

This is Missy blogging from Harbin. We’re two days into our travels- so far, so good. Apologies in advance for spelling and grammer- I’m on a single hostel computer and don’t want to hog it while people are waiting. This is an edit free post!!

The Andrew Bird show in Shanghai was okay. I get that he’s all about the looping and it’s pretty cool to watch for the first 4 or 5 songs but I really think his sound is better with a band. We actually left before he finished but that had more to do with the venue. It was a small basement below a club, which seems cool at first, until every expat in Shanghai (including many people who’d never heard of him but thought, "What the hell! Someone’s touring who sings in english." I know this because I eavesdrop.) crammed into the room. I don’t know that I can explain how full the room was- more full than the Shanghai subway and it was this packed all the way to the back and up the stairs (yes, people were sitting and standing on the stairs out.) I almost got a little panicky thinking about the lack of fire codes. Thank god Mr. Bird isn’t into pyrotechnics.

The next morning we went to Duncan Donuts with a 50% off coupon that our friends, Paige and Ryan, got the last time they were in Shanghai. Our new friend, Benjamin, and even newer friend, Lucy, (they also went to the show) joined us for a big, China trip farewell breakfast. Delish.

We caught the metro to the Magelev (sp?) station. This is the train that gets to the airport in 8 minutes and goes 200 mph or something crazy. It was fast, people. Veeeery fast. But you have to wait for it to depart every 15 minutes. We think we could have stayed on our subway train and arrived at the same time. Anway, we get to the Pudong airport and hand the lady our receipts… BAM! China moment. Turns out Shanghai has two airports. Yes, we remember hearing that somewhere. No, we didn’t think to check it because we forgot we ever heard it. So, we ended up taking a bit of a hit rebooking a ticket to Beijing. Things happen.

More later!





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