First day in Harbin, etc…

3 02 2010

Boy, we’re getting behind on this blog, aren’t we? (And simultaneously ahead, it seems)
Anyway, the first day in Harbin was nice. We arrived at our hostel, in what is actually the first synagogue in Harbin, first built in 1901, though it burnt down and was later rebuilt. I don’t know if you know this (and I’m guessing you don’t), but Harbin had a sizable Jewish population in the early 20th Century and was apparently considered as a possible location for Jewish relocation after World War II, though I expect China’s burgeoning interest in communism might have helped stem that tide.
Anyhoo, the hostel was OK. A bit dirtier than some, and a bit noisy, and a bit drafty, but full of history, and the people working there were nice. It took an entire day to get dry towels. Luckily, neither of us shower with any great regularity. So we took a walk out in the cold and checked out St. Sophia’s church, a really cool old classical Russian-style church, and took some pictures. At this point we decided we weren’t sufficiently prepared for the cold, so we ended up just heading back to the hostel and relaxing. Around dinnertime we met a charming young lass from England named Sheryl and she joined us for dumplings, a couple beers and a small amount of baijiu. Unfortunately, Sheryl headed on to areas south the next day, but if she checks the blog, hi Sheryl, we hope Shanghai treated you well. And that was it for our first day. We decided to check out the snow festival and some big cats the next day. But did it happen?





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5 02 2010

I missed something. Missy, when did you give up on regular showers????


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