Harbin, Day Two

4 02 2010

Missy this time.

After a solid (ish) night’s sleep, we set off early to tackle all Harbin had to offer. We couldn’t find a breakfast place for the life of us and ended up eating McDonald’s Taro pies (the Chinese equivalent of the McDonald’s apple pie.) I don’t think I’ve mentioned these delicacies before but they are fantastic. Try one the next time you’re in China. Rebundled up we toddled over to the Stalin Memorial Park along the river bank and checked out the Flood monument from 1936’s river breach that wasn’t. From there we noticed that there were extensive winter activities happening on the frozen river below. An area was roped off for skating, dog sled pulling, horse sled pulling, little self propelled sleds to rent, tops that skid away from you on the ice and you have to chase them without falling, and, of course, people dressed in animal costumes pressing advertisements into your hands. We slid out onto the ice to get the full experience and managed not to fall.

Our plan was to go to the Snow World exhibition and, thankfully, there was a badass cable car that could take us over the river. Later we were told we could have just walked too. If it can hold a horse and carriage, it can hold us. Yikes. The cable car was delightful- I think Jeremiah has mentioned before that I am a big fan of China’s obsession with cable cars. I wanna ride ’em all.

We spotted the Snow World (I made this name up, by the way. No idea what it’s official name is) from the cable car and manged to wander over by way of the largest bronze piano in the world and two bushes spray painted to look like Russian nesting dolls. The snow festival was unbelievable. We’ll be posting pictures in a week or so but even they won’t really do it justice. 5 story high Buddahs, 6 story high pagodas, hundreds of 12 ft high sculptures representing teams from all over the world, 50 yard walls intricately carved with Chinese myths and stories, and ice slides. Ooooh, the ice slides. Genius. This was also the place where our scarves, hair and beards started freezing to the point of breaking off. It was a titch cold if we didn’t already mention that.

There were a few more hours of daylight so we taxied over to the Siberian Tiger Park. We bought our tickets and boarded a mini bus. Jeremiah will take it from here.

love, Missy




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