Beijing Day 1, Trip Day 5

8 02 2010

We woke up and headed out to get one last lavender nai cha (get one the next time you’re in Harbin) and were delighted to discover a traditional drum and cymbal band composed of about 40 senior citizens banging away in the middle of the street. There are pictures. They are adorable. We also encountered what is, hands down, the most bizarre hanging picture on a cafe wall. Naked lady in noodles. There’ll be a picture of that soon, too.

Feeling like pros, we navigated the 90 minute airport shuttle and managed to have an uneventful flight from the correct airport. Way to go, us! My friend from college, Theresa, was arriving from NYC 5 minutes before our flight landed but she managed to be waiting for us in the concourse after we got our bags. She was the first person I got to introduce Jeremiah to as ‘my fiance’ when it wasn’t a lie. (Remember, JW and I are ‘married’ on our street and at my school so we can live together in the apartment.) Much squealing was enjoyed by all.

The rest of the day was spent navigating the Beijing trains, subways and taxies to our hutong hostel. It lived up to it’s pictures but, to baptize Theresa China-style, the door to our bunk room didn’t shut. After dinner, we hit the hay pretty early in anticipation of Dorian (Jeremiah’s childhood pal)’s dawn arrival and our domination of Beijing.

love, Missy




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