Underpants man, bad weather in Nanjing, and on to Shanghai

15 02 2010

So after a fun couple days in Xi’an, we took the flight back to Nanjing, which was a bit bumpy, what with the bad weather and all in the area. By area, I mean, Asia. After landing, we were happy to discover that the airport shuttle was still running, always a big if in China. We decided to take the opportunity to all sleep at the dorms of my school, since, well, I have a room there, and we also had keys to Allie’s room. So we get in and have to knock, since it’s like 1:30 in the morning – the flight was delayed. The night watchman at the dorms at my school is affectionately (or not affectionately, depending on your position on the subject) dubbed as “Underpants Man” due to his penchant for sitting on the couch in his underwear watching TV. Unfortunately we had to wake him up, and he was not pleased about there being a mixed gender group arriving at the school at 1:30 in the morning, so he started shouting at us in Chinese – I wasn’t able to make out anything he was saying. We thanked him for his concern and headed up to the rooms, but of course he followed us up and resumed shouting at us in Chinese. I tried to reason with him in my limited Chinese, but he wasn’t having it – at least until he woke up the Japanese teacher who lives in the dorm with her son, and she explained our predicament, and he thanked us and left.

We spent the night there, and then Dorian and Theresa stayed there the next night, then the foreign affairs liaison called me up to the foreign affairs office to tell me that we were supposed to register Dorian and Theresa with the school if they were staying there, something I already knew and had talked to them about, but they said they wouldn’t be in town. Even though they were. So our solution for the final night was to have Dorian stay at Nanwai (the short name for my school), because apparently they didn’t care he was there, while Theresa slept over at Paige and Ryan’s place. What a hassle.

Unfortunately, the bulk of the time spent in Nanjing was rainy and bad-
weathery, so aside from taking Big $ D and T-Rex on a tour of the local mall and shopping district, we didn’t do too much of substance while we were there. Missy and Theresa also went to Fuzi Miao (Confuscius Temple) and did a bit of light shopping. One bonus to our time in Nanjing is that we were able to go to some of the restaurants we really like, like a Yunnan place and our local street vendors. On Feb. 11, we took the train to Shanghai.

After arriving in Shanghai, we metroed over to the hostel, one we hadn’t stayed in before called Blue Mountain Hostel. Of course it was pouring, so after lunch at a mediocre cafeteria in the area, Missy and I went to get money out while the other two went to acclimate themselves to the room. Missy and I had a bit of trouble finding the bank, but stumbled upon what appeared to be the site where they were working on the expo, so that was exciting. After spending most of the afternoon relaxing, we decided to go see Shanghai Circus World to see some acrobats. Dorian was a bit under the weather, so the three of us just went, and I have to say, the Era show at Shanghai Circus World is fantastic. I’ve seen Chinese acrobats before, once in Tucson, which was fairly good, and once at another touristey place, which was embarrassingly awful, but this show was professional, well-done, and featured lots of jaw-dropping stunts. Theresa was able to document some of it in film before being told not to take pictures. Here is one such photo:





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15 02 2010

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