Xi’an Day Two, Travel Day 9

15 02 2010

Today we did what Jeremiah has wanted to do since he got his first China guidebook- bike along Xi’an’s city-wall.

Many Chinese cities have pieces of their ancient city-walls (you’ve seen some pictures of Nanjing’s) but Xi’an has the largest, intact city-wall in the country. Beijing knocked down huge chunks of it’s wall in the 1980s making way for development. We are grateful that Xi’an has protected it’s wall as well as it has. It’s treated like a city park and you rent a bike for 20 quai ($3) for 100 minutes. (Each additional half hour is 5 quai.) They’re pretty well maintained and there are a couple stands along the wall in case you get a flat tire-
which Theresa did. We had her convinced that it was just a shitty Chinese bike but the maintenance guys practically tackled her as she struggled past. Sorry for not noticing…

Later that day we wandered around the “antiques” district and stumbled onto The Great Mosque. It is one of the oldest in China and, unlike many sites in China, somehow wasn’t destroyed/greatly damaged during the cultural revolution. Another big plus was that the guide pamphlet was in english. Always a nice surprise! We happened to be wandering around when everyone was called to prayer and heard the lovely chants.

That evening we ate at the hostel and caught a late flight to Nanjing. You’ll hear about our eventful arrival from my FIANCE in the next blog.

Special bonus photo- we wandered past this in one of the wedding photography shops. Look forward to our recreation!




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