Oh, are you still wondering about the vacation?

1 03 2010

I’m going to sum up the rest of the vacation quickly here.

So Shanghai was cool, as always. Theresa had to leave after a day and a half, but before she did we went to Shanghai Circus World to watch ERA, a fantastic acrobat show. We have seen others here which were fairly bad, so we’re all happy to announce that Shanghai acrobats don’t all suck. The next day, we all ate at what has to be called the worst pizza buffet in the history of the world. I can’t remember what it was called, but man it sucked. I don’t even know how to explain it, but trust me. Someone else back me up here. Please?

After Theresa left, the three of us (Dorian, Missy & I) went to Hangzhou. Dorian kept talking about Marco Polo calling Hangzhou the most beautiful city in China, and after seeing it, we have to at least admit that it’s a pretty city. West Lake is particularly beautiful. Unfortunately, the pizza buffet from the previous day started to affect me, and we ended up heading home early after I had an “incident” on the bus. All’s well that ends well, I guess, though I ended up missing the New Year’s festivities because I was in bed sick.

The next day we headed back to Nanjing, discovering that it was really cold. And snowing. And everything was closed. China shuts down post-New Years. After some more trouble with the Nanwai (my school) security force, we ended up getting the keys so Dorian could stay at Paige and Ryan’s apartment. Then we more or less spent the next few days relaxing around town, except for a trip to Purple Mountain and the Nanjing Massacre Memorial.

On the 18th, we met Dorian at the train station so he could catch the coach to the airport. And that was the end of our vacation.
Or was it?





3 responses

1 03 2010

Um.. you make it sound, let’s say messy. He actually started to swoon on a ridiculously crowded bus and Dorian got to see the bossy camp counselor side of me emerge and hustle us off in a mildly aggressive manner. I had to get my lovah some air and a blood sugar increase! Nurse Missy, large and in charge.

1 03 2010

Thanks for clarifying, Missy. It did sound messy. Hope you’re all better, JW!

3 03 2010

Glad the swoon wasn’t long lasting! Good to hear the end (/) of the vacation log. It was a great journey for reading.

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