Jeremiah heals the world, Part 93

2 03 2010

So the second semester has now started, and after a month off, I’m really having some trouble getting going again. This semester I’d like to get the kids a little more involved. Or at least speaking more, probably by playing games and stuff and doing less conventional lecturing. I’m trying to set up two pen pal-type situations involving the whole class and teachers/classes I know back in the States. The kids don’t seem to really get what I’m trying to do, but hopefully they’ll get into it after a while.

Since I’m planning on playing more games, I can probably expect to have a teacher tell me I need to lecture more, but I’m prepared to take that in stride. I’ve had one small frustration so far – or maybe you can tell me what you think about it. In our office, it’s about 10-15 Chinese English teachers (The number seems to revolve a bit, hence my need to make it so general. But please don’t ask me all there names) as well as the two Foreign teachers, Muna & I. So Muna and I had separate desks. I also have a desk downstairs in the Junior 1 office, but since I only teach there once a week and they use my desk as essentially a paper storage table, I haven’t been down there much. Anyway, so Muna was moved out of her desk and asked to share with me because another teacher who was pregnant was moved up from the 3rd floor to the 7th floor and would be occupying her desk. (I don’t get it either, don’t worry.) So Muna accepted, and to be honest, sharing a desk is fine, since I’m only occasionally there and she is as well. Then they decided to move her to the desk with the one working PC (most of the teachers have laptops), and the PC was moved to a table across the walkway. But the table didn’t have an internet cord (Yes, I realize they could stretch it across the walkway, which was basically one person wide, but that’s neither here nor there). So, when I came up to the office the other day and found my desk now occupied by the PC, I put two and two together, sort of, and figured out that my desk was now the PC desk. Then I was told “Since you have another desk somewhere else, you don’t need to come up to this office anymore.” Nevermind that I don’t really work with the Junior 1 teachers. Oh, China.

In other news, we’re having our shower fixed because it’s leaking on the apartment below us, which is interesting. Nice people, but I have no idea what they’re doing in there with their 12 foot PVC pipe that is stretching into the kitchen, and he guy appears to be peering into. At least he’s not smoking … yet.





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